Save Your Marriage
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Save Your Marriage

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Do you need to save your troubled marriage? SAVE YOUR MARRIAGE And Develop A Lifelong Love!


There are a number of very important reasons why this book is for you...

Save Your Marriage And Develop A Lifelong Love! will give you the answers that you need!

It's free of “pop” jargon, and does not take a “psychological” slant to the issues. You will read about problems and learn about solutions in basic, average language which is meant for an average married adult-- just like you!

Focuses on resolving problems, rather than the “modern” slant of placing blame. This book is not about pointing out who is in the wrong or who has made mistakes-- it is about resolving what is negative in your marriage and building on what is positive!

Does not focus on one specific area, but covers the scope of problems which are universal to marriages everywhere. It also takes into consideration that you and your spouse are individuals, and encourages you to approach each topic from an individual viewpoint. 

You will find a wealth of valuable information in this one small book!  It is, without a doubt, the one book you need!  Whether you have been married for a short period of time, or a number of decades;  whether you have been facing serious difficulties or merely wish to improve your marriage, this book is for you!

What else makes it different and better?

In addition to all of the points which I have just told you about, a very important and very unique factor in SAVE YOUR MARRIAGE  is that it will show you how to look at “the big picture”!  Your marriage did not begin yesterday,  nor did the problems which you are now encountering, nor did the little fleeting moments of happiness which you are occasionally experiencing! 


This book is unique because it will guide you through the stages of your marriage, from the ideals and strengths which you can recall from your early days, through revitalizing your dreams and goals for the future!

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